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The department is active in default interior imageobtaining summer employment in the petroleum engineering industry for currently enrolled petroleum engineering students. In addition to summer employment for petroleum engineering students, the petroleum industry indicates its need for top petroleum engineers as well as its confidence in the LSU program by offering more than 40 undergraduate scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 per academic year.  In addition to scholarships that are available to sophomore, junior, & senior petroleum engineering students, $750 per fall semester petroleum engineering scholarships are also available to incoming freshman. We invite incoming freshmen with an ACT score of 28 or a SAT score of 1240 (math & verbal sections) to apply for a scholarship. Incoming freshmen who we select to receive a scholarship must follow a prescribed program of study, which we designed to ensure student success in the petroleum engineering curriculum. Incoming freshman scholarships are renewable for the spring semester provided the student maintains a 3.0 grade point average and maintains satisfactory progress toward a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering. In addition to petroleum engineering departmental scholarships, LSU's office of Student Aid & Scholarships offers numerous opportunities for students seeking scholarship assistance.  The application for admission is the application for LSU scholarships. The scholarship priority date for fall applicants is November 15; therefore, any student who applies by that date will automatically be in consideration for LSU academic scholarships. LSU awards scholarships in the form of full and partial tuition exemptions, room and board scholarships, cash stipends, and employment opportunities to students meeting certain academic qualifications. Scholarships for entering freshmen are competitive and are awarded mainly on the basis of standardized test scores (SAT/ACT) and high school academic record. Students from under-represented populations may be selected on the basis of alternate criteria. Scholarships for continuing students are generally awarded by the individual colleges on the basis of academic record, financial need, activities, or other accomplishments. A complete listing of scholarships awarded at LSU is available in the Financial Aid & Scholarship section of the LSU General Catalog

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the application needed to apply for all federal and state aid programs. Indicate Louisiana State University (code#00201) in the school release section of the application. In most cases, you and your parents will need to complete this application. You can get the FAFSA from your high school guidance office or any college financial aid office. Use this form if you have never applied for aid. If you applied for aid in the previous year, you may receive the Federal Renewal Application, which should be updated and submitted instead of the FAFSA. 

You may apply for financial aid any time after January 1 to attend LSU for the upcoming summer, fall, and spring semesters. It is recommended that your application be submitted no later that March 1 for summer or fall enrollment, or October 1 for spring-only enrollment. The priority date for TOPS is April 15 and the official deadline is July 1. It is most important that you complete the financial aid application process early enough each year for your award to be in place prior to the mailing of fee bills. Otherwise, you will be responsible for payment of your fees by the due date.

Petroleum Engineering Scholarship Applications

All students, incoming freshmen and upperclassmen, apply for departmental fall and spring semester scholarships through LSU’s College of Engineering.


 Outside Scholarship Opportunities:

The Joseph King McMahon Petroleum Engineering Scholarship: Deadline 1st March 2015

SPE Dallas - Undergraduate Scholarship in Petroleum Engineering: Deadline Noon 1st May (Application)

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